October 2019

Limited-time Offer on Our New Homes

 Home Construction and Real Estate Tips Show: Elle Seybold, Santa Fe Properties Realtor, walks you through some of the special features of the newly completed home at 3150 Viale Tresana, Santa Fe, and Owner Rob Gibbs of Arete Homes offers buyers a special limited-time offer! Watch to learn more, and post your questions about…

Thinking About Tomorrow

Our homes and floor plans are designed with our customers in mind. Built to meet your needs and expectations, with maximum use of space, extra storage, wider doors, ample bathrooms and kitchens that make it easy to navigate. Our homes are suitable for a lifetime. Most existing homes simply were not designed, for example, with…

Why you should you use a Realtor (Video)

Home Construction and Real Estate Tips Show: Realtors Elle Seybold and Peter Ferrara, of Santa Fe Properties discuss the benefits of using a Realtor when selling a home. Peter, Elle and Tom Abrams are part of the sales team at Arete Homes of Santa Fe. If you have questions about home ownership, process of building…

Something New on Ridgetop Road – By Paul Weideman, Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe’s newest multihome development is targeting people at, or approaching, retirement age. Rob Gibbs, owner of Arete Homes of Santa Fe, said Arbolitos at Las Estrellas is being designed with “universal design” characteristics: “With aging-in-place design, like wider doors, bigger bathrooms and kitchens that are easy to navigate, these homes will be suitable for…

Arete Homes of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Properties Team (Video)

Home Construction and Real Estate Tips Show: Rob Gibbs, Builder and Owner of Arete Homes of Santa Fe introduces his sales team from Santa Fe Properties. Rob and Elle also discuss the benefits of buying a new home. If you have questions about home ownership, process of building a new home and real estate, email…

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