Learn why building a casita on your existing property might be right for you… More livable space for a multi-generational family; and added income. Learn about our process as we talk with Miles Conway, Host of Build Together, Santa Fe Area Homebuilders Association on KTRC 1260 AM / 103.7. Listen now.

Arete Dwelling Units builds free-standing structures on your property creating more livable space. Accessory dwelling units–also know as ADUs–are built on your existing property, and include complete guest homes (casitas), studios, gyms, offices, classrooms, workshops, and any combination of these.

Each home is designed and built with a focus on these key features:

Longevity and low maintenance
High quality materials from the start produces a structure that holds up better to the elements and rigors of life, requiring less overall maintenance over the life of its existence. We use brands we trust, like Anderson Windows and Doors.

Aging in place
Multi-generations are considered when building a new home no matter the size. Our standard bathroom contains a seat-height toilet, a curb-less walk-in shower with a bench and both handheld hardware and fixed shower head. Pathways and doors are wider. Door hardware is lever-style versus knob or thumb.

Maximizing the use of space is a priority. Arete Dwelling Units builds in more storage areas to make use of every square inch.

Arete Dwelling Units stands behind each home from top to bottom and corner to corner for the first year.