“Excellence Is Our Standard”


Rob Gibbs, Owner/Builder

Arete Homes offers premier home-building in Santa Fe with the highest level of professional service. Owner Robert Gibbs is an award-winning builder who has planned, developed, and built 26 communities with over 1,500 total homes in the City and County of Santa Fe. A third-generation builder, Gibbs has been building homes in Santa Fe since 1994, establishing Robert & Sons, LLC, in 1998 and Arete Homes in 2015.

“Arete” is a Greek word meaning “virtue, worth, good character, and honor.” It also signifies, in French, a sharp rugged mountain ridge. These two meanings are reflected in Arete Homes’ commitment to trustworthiness, solidity, and excellence. Arete Homes is committed to careful land-planning and to creating communities that take advantage of Santa Fe’s stunning views and open spaces.

Customers choose Arete Homes because of Gibbs’ long reputation for quality homes, level of service, and value. Arete Homes are built in premium locations and have efficient floor plans with good flow and maximum use of space. Outdoor living spaces feature water-wise landscaping. Interiors boast of upgraded finishes, energy efficiency, plenty of storage, and architectural touches. With wider doors, bigger bathrooms, and kitchens that are easy to navigate, these homes will be usable for a lifetime.

In 1994, Gibbs settled with his family in Santa Fe to manage a new company, BT Homes. During the time that Gibbs served as President of BT Homes, he also created Robert & Sons, LLC, which became the exclusive developer and home builder for BT Homes. Under Gibb’s leadership, BT Homes became recognized as one of the most reputable residential real-estate developers in Santa Fe. Gibbs is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a board member and then President of Santa Fe Area Home Builders, and was selected as Builder of the Year in 1999, 2003, and 2005. He builds with a professional and experienced team of local employees, consultants, suppliers and contractors.

An active community member, Gibbs coached his sons’ baseball teams for 10 years, has been involved in their schools, and with his wife of 36 years, has raised a family in Santa Fe. He is past president and board member of the Santa Fe Waldorf School and the Santa Fe Ski Team.