Great energy efficiency. Very good quality for the money. Great windows. Probably could improve on some of the choices of options, such as tile backsplash color choices. Also, could improve in the communication area. It would be helpful to obtain more in-depth explanations of such things as electrical light switch locations. For example: we didn’t know that our dining room light switch had only one location to turn on and turn off the light. It would have been better to have that switch in 2 locations and we would have requested that upgrade, had we been told we could opt for that. The same is true for the light switch in the laundry room – there should be 2 locations for it – an additional turn-on/turn-off switch located by the garage entrance door. Currently, we have to enter through a dark laundry room area to then walk to the light switch to turn on the light.

Linda Bartucca, Villas di Toscana Homeowner