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Countertop and Backsplash Options

Why Choose Santa Fe Properties (Video)

Realtors, Elle and Peter discuss Santa Fe Properties

 Arete Homes of Santa Fe Real Estate and Home Building Construction Tips Show: Realtors Elle Seybold and Peter Ferrara explain the unique attributes of the brokerage company, Santa Fe Properties. The Arete Homes of Santa Fe home shown here is, located at Arbolitos, 1784 Calle Arbolitos, Santa Fe, NM. Please email your home building…

Quartz Countertop and Backsplash Options (Video)

 Realtor Elle Seybold and owner and builder Rob Gibbs talk about countertop and material selections including kitchen and bathroom backsplash options in Arete Homes. For a limited time only Arete Homes is offering a special credit of $15,000 to be used towards window coverings at the home shown in this video, located at 1784…